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14-day detox
  • total detox manual
  • Detox Daily Checklist
  • detox menu customizable menu
  • detox sample and done-for-you menu
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the 14 day detox is specially designed to:

- RESET your metabolism

- rid your body of stubborn fat

- get rid of built up toxins and waste in your fat cells

- balance out your hormones

- give you your energy back and fuel your body

21-day drop a jean size challenge
  • Done-For-You Starter Guide
  • 3 days of Detox (no pills or drugs) for the first 72 hours
  • 21-Days of “Done-for-You” Meal Plans (3 are the detox phase)
  • Easy-to-Follow Home Workouts
  • 3 Easy-to-Follow Weeks of “Print-and-Go” Grocery Lists
  • Tons of Healthy Recipes
  • Goal Planning Worksheet
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the 21 day drop a jean size challenge is designed to:

- help you drop 1-2 jean sizes

- lose weight without metabolic damage

- teach you long term balanced eating habits